Challenge Accepted!

Fellow Blogger, Brittney of Uh Oh Momma’s Crafting recently posted about a new fitness training regiment in which she outlines an intensive, but totally approachable workout routine to get her ready for an upcoming 5k and Triathlon.

Her enthusiasm to take on this new endeavor has challenged me to create some uncomfortable fitness goals for myself! Uncomfortable in this case meaning: Working harder than the few luxuriously slow laps I swim whenever I feel like it.

Since my goals do not include competitive racing, I will not be meeting her challenge head on.

I am not a runner. I do not run. Running is mean to me.

So instead, I’m piecing together my own new fitness program that is centered around my own personal goals:

  1. Lose some excess body fat.
    -I wish I could blame Offspring for the extra weight I’ve been carrying but unfortunately, I only gained 14lbs with small child (who was born over 9lbs himself) and I lost that basically right away. I got fat prior to getting pregnant. So:
    I’m pretty good about clean eating I’d say 75% of the time. Trouble is, when I go outside of whole, organic, clean foods, I go straight for things like huge piles of pasta salad, a bowl of layers of chocolate ice cream; about as unhealthy as I can go. I’m okay with giving myself some wiggle room so I don’t feel owned by some “diet”, but more conscientious choices are required.
  2. A healthy lifestyle of activity!
    -I need to work on staying up and on my feet and active as much as possible during the day.  The truth is that a couple years behind a desk followed by a 10-month (somewhat indulgently lazy) pregnancy and a c-section recovery have put me in a bad habit of sitting for far too many hours every day. On top of a workout routine, rigorous daily movement for longer periods of time have to be a priority.
  3.  Consistency in workouts.
    -I alternate workout days with Life Mate, so it’s all too easy to just skip my workout day once and inadvertently go the better part of a week with no real exercise. On Monday/Wednesday/Friday every single week, barring emergency, I will be in the pool.
  4. Workouts that challenge me!
    -I was an athlete once upon a time. Certain things that used to be easy for me are such a struggle now that I get discouraged pretty easily and I tend to take it a little easier to protect my fragile ego. I have to resolve to let myself be embarrassed until I no longer feel embarrassed to struggle.
    Contrarily, some things still come very easily so I will lean on those activities and give myself the illusion of getting my sweat on when really, I’m not working very hard.
  5. End goal.
    -By the end of summer this year, I’d like to be able to swim 500 meters continuous without a break and be well on my way to my weight loss goal.

Part One

Monday/Wednesday/Friday are pool days. I was previously swimming 500 meters per workout with no real direction. Now I’m putting my 10 years of swim-teaching to use on myself to create a workout that’s good for the body and the ego.

MONDAY : 500 meters

4 x 50 meters: 50 meters each stroke, IM order (Butterfly, backstroke, breastroke, freestyle) with 30 second breaks.
8 x 25 meters: Alternate pull/kick drill, IM order.
100 meters: Stroke of choice, continuous swim.

WEDNESDAY: 500 meters

4 x 50 meters: Freestyle, 2 minute intervals. (Break time is dependent on how quickly the lap is finished). *UPDATE* 2-minute intervals proves to be far too easy to be challenging. I have been doing intervals on 1:30 instead and will try to work up to 1:15.

4 x 25 meters: IM order sprints.

4 x 25 meters: Pull/kick drill IM order.
4 x 25 meters: Side kicks, alternating sides.

Frinkswim32FRIDAY: 800 meters

100 meters: Freestyle continuous.
8 x 25 meters: IM order sprints.
8 x 25 meters: Freestyle ladder, starting at 1 minute and working up to :35-:40 seconds.
4 x 5o meters: Relaxed IM.
2 x 25 meters: No-breathers.
50 meters: Stroke of choice.

I’ll do this routine for 3-5 weeks, then update.

Part Two

Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday are Life Mate’s workout days. I will try to maximize these days during nap time and with some fun activities I can do with Small Child that will keep me moving on my off-days.
Borrowing some ideas from, I’ll incorporate some Mommy-and-Me exercises throughout the day.

Unfortunately, motherhood does not allow for any scheduling activities that aren’t directly related to when Small Child needs to eat, nap, play… eat. So these days will not have a rigid plan.

But nap time:
Minimum once per week, I’ll put in 5 miles on my elliptical.

Part Three


I once hired a personal trainer that told me if I could ever do a plank for 5 minutes straight, it would be all the workout I’d ever need.

Well, ridiculously fit woman, that sounds an awful lot like my kind of exercise. Five minutes, one exercise and done? Count me in!

Every night, Life Mate and I try to beat our personal best times for planking. We do as many reps as we can take, each at a minimum of 30 seconds.

Tonight I crossed the TWO MINUTE milestone! As well as 5 other reps of at least 30 seconds. Life Mate can do three minutes on a single plank. I’ll add to that 5 & 10 seconds at a time as I build endurance and strength until I hit at least 3 minutes. Can I hit 5 minutes before my 30th birthday in June?

… Maybe before 2017.

Special thanks to Uh Oh Momma’s Crafting for the fitness nudge!

Now I hand the challenge off to you! Join Brittney and myself in a summer of good health! If you want, I’ll even write you a personalized swim workout!

2 thoughts on “Challenge Accepted!

  1. First…Holy moley! You did a 2-min plank! I can barely reach the 30 sec mark. Maybe I should adopt this one too.

    Great swim plan. I might have to change to your plan once my freestyle competitions are done. I tried do to the fly the other day and about died. My peck muscles were screaming at me for days. One of the best workouts ever!

    Would you want to do a walk with me Saturday mornings? I’m still trying to decide when to do the running portion so walking will at least get me outside and let my little lady get some fresh air too!


  2. I smacked the lane line once really good doing butterfly and had bruised fingertip bones for a couple days. Still can’t make it all the way down without flipping over for a quick breath, but it’s a fun challenge.
    As for walks… I can’t commit to all Saturdays since that tends to be our big gardening and projects day. But I can do tomorrow! I’ll email you!


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